• Monthly Shoot Results 22/2/15

    Last Sunday on the Windamere range approximately thirty members attended to participate in a 100 target handicap event. Weather was quiet pleasant with temperature reaching about 30 degrees. Conditions are very dry and hopefully by the time this goes to press the heavens may have opened. The event was kindly sponsored by the LODGE MOTEL in Mudgee so if any shotgun shooters are in the area you know where to stay. Three of our experienced members (Bob Hollow, Peter Clarkson and Colin Stubbs) were the range captains for the day.

  • 2012 Rio Challenge

    Over the weekend of the 27th & 28th October Mudgee club held the two day RIO challenge at the Windamere shotgun range. The range was an absolute picture thanks to those members who put in the hard yards. This event could not have taken place without the kind sponsorship of the HORSLEY PK GUN SHOP and of course the help of JOHN DICKEY. Many shooters had decided to camp for the weekend so as the club had just installed some bright lights a night shoot was also held. The shooters had a ball, especially with the help of the running commentary by John Dickey.